The LushuLux Story

Lushulux Bed Linen Sheets

LushuLux sheets are a new brand of luxury label bed linens. To help you understand the difference between other sheet brands and our superior LushuLux brand, it’s important to understand a little about our sheet manufacturing process. While it’s true to some extent that the higher the thread count the better the garment, one can argue though it is a deceptive practice when it comes to sheets. Here is what you need to know.

Most weavers consider 400-600 threads per inch to be the maximum count (thread count). Higher thread counts such as 800-1,000 can only be achieved by adding extra threads called “picks”, that are twisted into the “weft”(horizontal weave). These extra threads which you pay way more for can actually make the sheets less durable, as the sheets become more fragile at these higher counts.

The other factor you should consider when it comes to higher thread count is the product may not even be 100% cotton anymore. It is becoming more common in the market place by some manufacturers marketing 800-1,000 thread count cotton sheets as low as $19.99—that are actually not really cotton!

[-cont] They are marketing 100% cotton sheets when they are really manufacturing and selling what the industry calls “CVC”, which is basically a blended cotton sheet.

Lushulux weaves more warp (vertical) threads than weft (horizontal) thus producing a luxurious, soft, silky feel that leaves you with a luscious feel. This weave is called a Sateen weave and what we use to produce all of our sheets.

It’s got to be 100% Cotton

The most important feature of any sheet is that it is 100% cotton.

No shortcuts. Durable, luxurious sheets you’ll love to sleep on in Summer and Winter, in any climate.
Our goal is to provide the best quality sheets, using high quality fibers (100% cotton), scientifically specified for the best feel and durability.

Now any individual can enjoy a little piece of luxury, wake up in luxury everyday in Lushulux Luxury Label Sheets. If you take sleeping seriously. Buy the brand sweeping America—LushuLux.